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What is the difference between a residential and commercial roof?

Dec 17

Both commercial and residential roofs have the same purpose: to protect property and people beneath them. While they share many similarities, there are important differences.

Residential and commercial roof construction

The majority of residential roofs are steep-sloped and made from asphalt, slate or cedar shakes shingles. Metal shingles and tiles are also popular choices for homeowners.

Flat roofs are common in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. You can have old-fashioned, built-up roofing or modified single-ply roofing. These roofs can be used to install solar panels and gardens because of their flat surfaces. Commercial roofs are often larger than residential roofs, and heavy mechanical equipment is often found there. It is important to be aware.

Due to the unique tools and equipment required for safe, high-quality commercial roofing installation and maintenance, they can be more expensive than residential roofs.

Roof Repair and maintenance of Residential and Commercial Buildings

Both commercial and residential roofing in Nebraska needs to be maintained. However, to different degrees. Ice damming and blockages can occur in areas where there is a lot of tree debris. It is important that gutters are clean and downspouts open. Owners of buildings with downspouts reaching the ground should make sure that they are open to allow water to flow freely. Most roofing contractors are equipped to assist those who are unable to or unwilling to clean gutters and downspouts.

These structures need to have their roofs inspected regularly. Commercial buildings can be inspected for any issues. Contact a professional roofing contractor. It is crucial to inspect residential roofs from the ground every so often, especially after storms, to identify wind-damaged or missing shingles. Slanted roofs can pose a danger to homeowners. A professional roofing contractor Teamwork Exteriors will inspect the roof and make any repairs if it is damaged.

In that they must be maintained and inspected regularly, business roofs are very different from residential roofs. Skilled roofers will spot problems before they become more serious. Commercial building owners should be aware of rooftop mechanical equipment to ensure that they are not causing damage.

Building owners should also be alert to pests. Raccoons and squirrels, for example, can cause roof damage. They seek out ways to destroy flashings or push them up, and once they are inside they can do a lot of damage.

It doesn't matter what kind of roof you have. It is essential to hire a roofing contractor that is skilled in your particular type. A professional can provide you with the best advice and services to ensure your roof is protected from the elements.