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Why is African dress so popular?

Dec 2

Africa is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. People around the world will be amazed by Africa's rich culture, wildlife, and natural beauty. African clothing is something you must see when visiting Africa. Ghanaian fashion has a long history and is heavily influenced by West African traditions and colonialism.

African dresses are a great way to honor your culture and heritage. The best place to buy handmade African clothes is Ties to Ghana. We have a wide selection of styles and prints so that no matter what style or location you are wearing, you can find something.

Why is African clothing so popular?

African dresses are very trendy because they are different than what you see in Western countries. Our dresses are bright, colorful, and patterned. This style is made of flowing fabric, accented by sheer fabrics or embroidery to show off a woman's curves.

Celebs who don’t want to be like everyone else love these dresses. Ankara was worn by Beyonce for her photoshoot to announce her pregnancy. Rihanna loves them too and was seen wearing leopard print pants at the New York Costume Institute Gala.

Find Ankara gowns

Ankara dresses can be worn in many different ways and are neutral. These dresses are versatile and neutral. They can also be worn for any occasion. Aso Ebi is a beautiful Nigerian style made from Ankara fabric. Aso Ebi dresses are great for formal occasions like weddings and graduations. They stand out with their bright colors.

Ties to Ghana offers the finest African dresses. We only sell authentic African designs. These dresses are made by Ghanaian artisans. These dresses are ideal for formal events such as wedding receptions and ceremonies.

We offer a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns so you can find the right item for you, no matter what your work-related needs may be. They are made from modern fabrics such as silk satin or cotton voile. This is a mixture of traditional Ghanaian weaving techniques.